Cruise The World with Peace of Mind

Each and every trip deserves to be special, especially if it’s a relaxing holiday with friends or family. is proud to share everything we know by experience, but also what we hear from others – all to ensure that your trip is as care-free as possible, from start to finish.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

When travelling, the last thing we all wish to think about is unnecessary costs due to illness, lost luggage and other unexpected mishaps. We recommend to sign up for comprehensive travel insurance policies for you and your family with great benefits for your added peace of mind. A travel insurance that cover expensive emergencies is a travel necessity which is often over-looked. Ensure that you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy to provide you with a financial safety net when travelling. First thing to check up is if your home insurance cover this or if you could have an add-on which cover more. If not, and you travel a lot per year: try to find a global travel insurance company. If you only travel for an occasional trip once a year, it can be enough with either the insurance you get from the credit card company which you buy your trip with or with what is included in your home insurance.

NOTE: ALWAYS check up all the clauses and fine print to really be sure of what YOUR travel insurance cover. If you don’t understand, make sure you ask the company and get explanations, before you go. Some companies don’t allow you to change the travel insurance once you have started your trip!

Convenient and Affordable Airport Parking

Planning the exciting aspects of your trip is easy to remember, while those small details back home can be over looked. Ensure you have everything in order before you arrive at the airport by prearranging your airport parking. Booking in advance will not only ensure you have a parking space at the airport on the date of your flight, but booking online could save you up to 60% of the turn-up-and-park rate. Choose from a variety of excellent airport parking services such as meet and greet, valet and on- and off-airport parking services. When travelling, the small details can make or break your trip. Save yourself time and hassle by booking your airport parking online.

Relaxing Airport Hotels

If the 3am drive to the airport is not your cup of tea, then why not start your holiday a night earlier and book into an airport hotel? Airport hotels are located close to major airports and many even provide the option of adding a parking package, allowing you to leave your car in their safe keeping while you travel. Start your trip off on a relaxing note by spending your evening before your flight in one of our superlative airport hotels. You will have a choice between large hotel chains, such as the Hilton, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, as well as small family-run inns and more cheap hotel chains.

The same goes when you’re flying home, book the last hotel night close to the airport – it has saved us numerous times! The last time we did that, we woke up to some kind of stomach disaster the same morning as we should fly home and just barely managed to get to the airport despite that we were so close. We would not have made it if it were not for stopping pills we had with us (always good to have!) and the closeness to the airport, it was walking distance. Just don’t do as we did once: stay in the hotel bar too late the evening before a very early morning flight… Uhum…

Happy travel!