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Lifecruiser Photo Copyright

The photos at Lifecruiser Travel Blog posts are mostly taken by The Lifecruisers with different kind of cameras around the world, unless it’s a guest post. There are sometimes other photos attributed the copyright owner, if there is any copyright. Otherwise we have used free photos.

© All Lifecruiser images are protected by Swedish copyright laws and international copyright laws and can not be copied, published or used without our consent. Want to use our photos? Ask us!

Buy Lifecruiser Photos

If you for some reason would like to buy one of our photos, we do have the originals in higher resolution than the ones on this blog or the ones at Flickr.

We also have other photos not uploaded yet, so if you’re hunting for something special, ask us!

Contact us for negotiation at lifecruisers emailaddress

Lifecruiser Photo Usage

Lifecruiser photos has been used in some other sites or by some other persons, but only after negotiation, permission and with a copyright link back if nothing else has been agreed.

    Examples of how Lifecruiser’s photos have been used:

  • A news site (official buildings in Paraguay)
  • A travel agency (Scenery Paraguay & Iguazu)
  • Travel Guide Tool (Stockholm views)
  • Images of Life on earth (Cycad, Zamia Skinneri)
  • Private persons to make prints (Pink Tulips)
  • A game developer (Extreme goose bumps on my legs to be used as a monsters skin!)
  • Different photo competitions
  • CharImage Photo Charity

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