Your Best Flights and Hotel Options for Vacation in Europe

By | Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013

Today, we will look at the top flight and hotel options in Europe. Europe is known as the land of natural beauties. This is an area of the world, where native cultures, modern practices and untouched nature all exist in harmony. Here tourists can find beautiful green pastures, mountains filled with snow and beautiful beaches. Tourists will also be able to see and feel the history of the continent. There are museums, historic structures as well as breathtaking islands.

There are luxurious flight and hotel options, which take you to the world’s most intriguing and exotic places.

The top 3 airline companies:

1) Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airways provide a splendid experience that can craft just the way one imagines. A choice of Krug Champagne or Dom Perignon and the best wine for starters with delicious food – who would say “No!” to Singapore Airlines? The Airlines offer a wide array of food options on each flight.

2) Qatar Airways

The quality and comfort offered by Qatar Airways is commendable, although the seats are not as long as SA, the comfort level does not fall. Passengers are treated like a family. There is on-board entertainment system which is called Oryx Entertainment. All aircrafts have personal seat back television screens. The Airways have tie-ups with international hotels and car rental companies to make it easy for the passengers to travel once they reach their destinations. So, you get the best services of flight and hotel in one go.

3) Cathay Pacific

There are two things which make the journey a luxurious experience – massage chairs and great food. The seats are super long and convertible into beds. The food offered by Cathay Pacific is outstanding and it counts as the best. Food and beverages are complimentary for all long-distance passengers with two hot meals given even in economy as well. The on-board entertainment in the airways is Studio-CX equipped with personal TV on every seat that offers the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies, western programs, music and games for the kids.

Europe offers to you both flights and hotels deals. Now that we have shared information on the flights, let us look at the hotels.

The three luxurious hotels are:

1) Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

The hotel is situated at the Quinta Da Marinha. The hotel is very luxurious; it is also the third best hotel in the world.

2) Rudding Park Hotel

The hotel comes with beautiful gardens and woodlands. It provides with the best amenities such as spa, gym, a private cinema and an 18-hole golf course. The staff is always ready to help and provide services to their guests.

3) Four Seasons Hotel

The hotel’s decor comes from the ancient Turkey. It provides 65 rooms, a 12,000 sq-foot fitness centre, multi-lingual caretaker service, massages, meeting spaces and much more. The hotel is the best place for romantic honeymoons

So have you ever used the above flight and hotel options? Do you think they live up to their promises? Share your comments and tell us.

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  1. Kenny Woll

    I have already stayed at Rudding Park Hotel when I traveled Europe last year. The hotel staff were very friendly and hospitable. They both have beautiful indoors and outdoors. It’s really a perfect place to stay in Europe.

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