Which Friends Are Around on My Travels?

By | Friday, Jul 12, 2013

18-24 year olds on Facebook on average have about 510 friends. Now if you are traveling frequently, especially to large cities like New York or London or Chicago, you will have a list of friends there. Figuring out who is there using existing social networks becomes tedious and coordinating a meeting with everyone is a major problem. Few can make it happen and so we miss out on those crucial connections.

MochaMeet (www.mochameet.com) is a social planning service for travel that focuses on this exact problem. To get started, you can login with Facebook and see all your friends on an interactive map.

Mochameet friends map

It is fascinating to see how truly global your network is.

Turns out, I have 25 friends in New York, 18 friends in London and 10 friends in Singapore. I’ve barely even lived in any of theses places. Huh.. who knew?

How does it get the data?
To get started, when you login with Facebook, it pulls in all your friends’ current cities (hometowns if current cities are not populated) and displays them on the map. So, initially, it has Facebook data – which is not always accurate, but it is a start.

Mochameet current cities

Now, within MochaMeet, you can upload your trips. So, as more of your friends start joining MochaMeet, it starts relying more on MochaMeet data instead, which is a lot more accurate.

Coordinating Meetings

Mochameet coordinating meetings

So, you have 25 friends in New York. Now what? I have no intention of sitting and calling each and every one to see if they are free.

To close this loop, you can create groups for a city that you are traveling to. This group is “location-aware” – meaning that only those members who are in the cities you are traveling to will see and respond to the chat.

Now, the most notable feature is the coordination tool within the group chat. There are 3 circles – who, when, and where? You can see members in the “who” circle, while the other 2 circles allow you to vote on times and places that work for you. The most popular times and places are when and where you will meet. This makes coordination a whole lot easier.

Want to gather your former classmates or office pals for a one-time reunion or a monthly networking sesh? Going to New York, London or Taipei? Why eat dinner alone? Now MochaMeet can easily coordinate a table for two – or 20.

Happy Travels! And now make them Social too!

Guest Author: Anish Godha is the CEO of MochaMeet. He holds a MS from Stanford University and a BS from Northwestern University.