The Roadtrippers Best Friend?

By | Saturday, Nov 23, 2013

This might be the roadtrippers best friend or what do you say? When doing a long roadtrip, say as for 3500 km or so – like our European roadtrips where several of them has been from Sweden to Spain, the car has a tendence to become so freakin’ dirty. It’s then you become happy when you spot a…..


….Lavado Manual! A manual car wash with other words. We love that they are rather many of them in Spain! And they’re not especially expensive, so we highly recommend using them.

We do like to keep our car clean, since we love the red color when it’s really fresh Corrida red. Generally we like to do a good first impression and quite frankly: you don’t do that coming in at your 4 or 5 stars hotel with a dirty car…

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