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By | Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013

Another way to travel can be to win a golf competition, but to win, you have to participate and do it better than everybody else. I am participating in a golf range competition at a golf club at the moment. There are both a monthly winner who wins a golf putter and a filled up range ball card, plus a final held in October where you can win a golf holiday in Spain.

Lifecruiser Golf Prize Putter

Yes, the golf putter in the picture above is my new putter: I did win July month’s golf range competition. Right now I’m also leading August month’s range competition and I hope to hold that 1st position the whole month.

Guess what I’m heading at? Ha ha, right on: to win the golf holiday in Spain of course! I’ve been pretty good at hitting targets generally in my life, tennis, dart or golf or just fooling around at a tivoli winning cuddly toys.

In this golf range competition the goal is to take as many points as possible by hitting two different targets when shooting your 10 special marked golf range balls. It’s two rather narrow “boxes” to place your golf balls within.

The ground around the target box is rather hard, so the ball really has a tendency to bounce around there and even if you manage to place the golf ball in the box it often bounces out again.

So far I believe that we’re several persons in the top that is more determined than the others to win this golf trip and I may be the most stubborn of us. I love the competition.

As I see it, it’s gonna be a question of skills, nerves – or no nerves – plus a good portion of luck to win the final. Of course, needless to say I will tell you if I actually happens to win!

Keep your fingers (and toes and everything else) crossed for me…

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