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By | Monday, Apr 23, 2007

Most of us want to promote our sites as much as possible and one way is by register at, or claim your blog as they call it.

Why don’t we, mark each other as Technorati Favorites more than we do, to support each other?

Technorati rank sites by popularity and the more links you have to your site the lower your rank drops. The lower your rank gets, the closer you are to their top 100 bloggers list.

Of course getting on that list isn’t easy, but getting on the top favorited sites is possible. You are more likely to receive visitors from Technorati if you are listed in the Top 100 most favorited list.

When you find a site that’s listed on Technorati that you really like you can mark it as a favorite. The more Technorati members that mark you as a favorite site the better!

How to do this:

1) Claim you blog at Technorati – if you haven’t already.

2) Click this button to add Lifecruiser as a favorite in Technorati:

Add Lifecruiser to Technorati Favorites

3) Leave your Technorati Favorite link in a comment on this post and I will add you. You can get yours from this link page in Technorati. Only leave one link to one blog even if you have several blogs.

Don’t forget to always ping Technorati after writing a post so people get to know about that post!

Update: Since the big exchange not are going on any longer, I’ve taken away the link list, to stop people from thinking that I’m still a part of it. I noticed that it didn’t help that I wrote that I wasn’t, people didn’t read it properly, they still assumed I was participating.


Author: Lifecruiser

Insider tips how to travel more, cheaper & better by Top 100 Travel Bloggers. True & reliable travel tips from budget to luxury destinations. Focus on travel in Europe, with special interests: Golf & Spa Resorts. Friendly. Interested. Curious. Helpful. Humorous. Champagne-lovers. Giggly. Glued to the camera – and each other.

61 thoughts on “Technorati Favorites Exchange

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  3. mar

    I was afraid this couldn’t be just plain fun…*sigh* now I have to figure out this ping thing, if I don’t post is because I am busy reading :)

    Lifecruiser: Good luck and let me know if you have some questions – maybe I can answer them :-)

  4. Dawud Miracle

    I’ve added you to my faves.

    Here’s my faves link

    Lifecruiser: You’re added :-)

  5. Gattina

    I am not yet clear in my head, need some more coffee :neutral: but from what I have seen it’s a very good idea this Technorati thing.
    But you naughty girl didn’t tell me that the cruise continues ! I thought (in my little brain) that with the ball it’s finished ! Now I see it continues, that’s very nice ! :cool:

    Lifecruiser: Oh, butt I have mentioned it in some post over here – obviously you just missed them. Never mind why, lets have a pleasant Savannah cruise :-)

  6. Hootin' Anni

    Well, I added your blog/ you just now. I finished opening -claiming my blog. You’re now on my favorites. And if you wish to add me to yours —it’s found on my sidebar way at the bottom

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, i’ve already added you as you are an A-team Cruiser :-)

  7. claudie

    It seems to be a super experiment! I’ve just a problem to claim my technochrati profil! Of course, it’s a little difficult for me cause all is in english but I will see Sophie!

    Lifecruiser: I totally can udnerstand that Claudie :-)

  8. Gattina

    I followed exactly your instructions clicked on the green label to add you, but now you are added in my Cat blog ! I don’t know what to do anymore. As they say in german I don’t see the tree anymore because of the wood !
    So if you please would add me too and eventually write me an email what to do. Tomorrow I’ll have a look again, because now I am getting tired :smile:

    Lifecruiser: Oh, I’m sure you’ll solve it tomorrow :-)

  9. RennyBA

    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but been hectically busy!
    This was a great idea. I’ve added you of course and here is mine
    Add RennyBa’s Terella as your Technorati Favorite

  10. Deborah

    Hi there,

    I’ve already added you to my favs, and gave a link to your home page from my post on this.

    My username is fastfastlane, and link to
    add me to your Technorati Favorites here


    Lifecruiser: Thanks Deborah – I’ve added you too :-)

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  12. phd

    hi! added you to my technorati link and faves! here’s mine:
    Add me to Technorati Too

    my site is up for technorati link-fave exchanges as well :)
    Here’s my site

  13. beth

    You know I LOVE your blog (I hope you know it anyway). I have added you to my technorati favs. Thanks for adding me!!

    Great idea :)

  14. Talia Mana, Centre for Emotional Well-Being

    Great idea! Please add me

    Add Talia’s blog to Technorati Favorites

  15. julie carobini

    I’ve added you, Lifecruiser! But I’m not sure exactly how to give you my info. Here’s my try:

    Add to Technorati Favorites

    Thanks for the idea!

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  22. Melody


    Have faved you! Click here to fave me too, thx :)

    Also have my own exchange program here.

    Do visit me at TheVoiceInMyHead – if you like what you see, do subscribe to my feed via your feedreader or via e-mail.

    Have a good day!


  23. Etienne

    thanks for putting me on this list, i appreciate that, hope to be near my 1000 new technorati friends, expanding my technorati friends once again~

  24. sylv3rblade

    HI.. I’ve just added you to my favorites. Can you add me on the list?

  25. Lifecruiser Post author

    >b>I added you to my favorites.

    If you want to be linked in my Technorati Favorites Exchange post, you have to give me the link to a post with your own Technorati Favorites exchange similar to the one I have here. Then I’ll add you :-)

    Welcome back :-)

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  27. Brandon

    Thanks! You are officially favorited. Here’s a link to the Technorati Favorite for Design Crack and a link to my Technorati Favorite Exchange Post.

  28. SME

    I notice a blurb about boat or vehicle donations, Melwood is a 501c3 non-profit that helps people of all ages with disabilities and we accept boats on trailers, RVs, cars, and even airplanes. For more information, visit

    Thank you.


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