Start Drinks ‘Round the World! New cool meme!

By | Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drinks Round the World Meme

Lifecruiser Travel Blog and Travel Experta have decided to host a new meme, where the 1st every month the party animals (you) makes a blog post, with text and/or photo of a drink from somewhere in the world.

Join the Drinks ‘Round the World Meme, don’t be shy. It will be like having a party – the more, the merrier the party will be!

You have to tell in your blog post that Lifecruiser Travel Blog and Travel Experta are the cohosts, so people can find all the other drinkers participants easier.

Everyone should make the rounds and leave comments at the other participants blogs – and friends: remember to have fun, keep the party dress and mood on!

Don’t forget to stumble and twitter each post to tell all your friends about it, spread the word around the world!

We count on you, that you’ll attend this giant international cocktail party the 1st every month and take all your friends with you!

More drinks to the people!

Lifecruiser Drinks ‘Round the World

17 thoughts on “Start Drinks ‘Round the World! New cool meme!

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  2. Ling

    Captain, you finally found a way for everyone here to drink as much as we want without the guilt. :mrgreen:

  3. Kuanyin

    Hey, mahalo for the invitation to party down with ya’ll on this meme! Sure, I’ll participate! Since I’ve not posted on any of my blogs (except Twitter and Plurk) since my return from my journey, this will be a great reason/opportunity to begin anew!

  4. ghee

    interesting meme!i think its so simple too!too bad i cant make it this june,but im sure id luv to join the next time :) looking forward to seeing lots of drinks around the world!!

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  6. Ev Nucci

    :idea: :oops: :razz:
    Well my dear Captain, how did you know that this would be a meme that I would only be too happy to participate in?

    You know me very well Captain? How is that so possible?


    Especially since you know all I do is work…but I would indeed ame time for this my friend and thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting to this fabulous PARTA OLA

  7. Ev Nucci

    oH my dear Captain,

    We start on 6/1 is that correct? Would be today?

    OK? Give me some time to make a drink…

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