One more hole in one please!

By | Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013

A golfers dream: to make hole in one (from tee into hole with only one stroke) or Ace as it’s called in the United States. Now it’s also my wife’s biggest dream despite the fact that she don’t even play golf and I will tell you why if you continue to read…

When you have done a hole in one, or HIO as it’s shortened, it’s a custom to celebrate it with Champagne. Now you understand where I’m heading, right? Yes, as the Champagne lover my wife truly is, her biggest reason for being my caddy is of course to get to drink Champagne the day she see me do a HIO.

Does it sound cocky of me to say that? Well, I have actually done it three times already! All three times at the same hole at the same golf course. Yeah, I’m that good at aiming, have always been. Though the last time was almost ten years ago and now my wife want to see one soon, so I have to practise my golf skills don’t I…?

Most common is to make hole in one at a par 3 hole, hitting straight to the hole. I have been very close many times and recently I did a hole in one, but it was my second ball at that hole at a practising golf round without any fellow golfplayer to mark and confirm it and therefor it does not count.

There are not so many golfers that make a hole in one, so I guess I’m quite lucky. I’m only wishing that there always was prizes for hole in one’s like in the big tournaments – a luxury car wouldn’t be totally wrong to win… Have a look in this video below with the Top 10 Aces of all-time on the PGA Tour.

I’m also thinking of signing up for an insurance for my golf equipment where the insurance company also pays me a smaller sum of money if I do a HIO, it’s supposed to cover the costs of a drinks round.

Now you know why I’m so very keen on combining golf with travel lately, doing research for good Golf & Spa Resorts – I always want to please my wife!

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