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By | Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013

Travel was one of the first industries to take over the internet, flooding our searches with discount vacations and last minute flight deals from brand new sites viciously competing to take over the travel world. In little over a decade, the wild savings pushed by these new travel websites effectively put the run of the mill travel agency out of business. Since then, not too much has changed which has left a huge gap in the market clouded by the seemingly endless opportunities for sales. Personal touches have been virtually erased, door to door route planning, largely left to the individual and frankly it is confusing and exhausting.

Trying to organize a simple trip between two major destinations in Europe will have the average traveller navigating a sea of tabs and windows while calculating and comparing the prices of air, rail and coach travel, and simultaneously trying to find out how far each method will drop you from the city centre and how much taxis or public transport will cost. All this trouble, just for city’s with major transport hubs. Travelling to a small town with limited access adds a whole new level of confusion and strife. Flight search engines insist we travel to and from airports and let’s be honest, while Heathrow may have some truly great shopping, it’s no one’s final destination.

GoEuro Combined Travel Search Site

GoEuro is a Berlin-based travel startup which aims to tackle this problem and put simple, natural search back into travel. They’ve created a multi-platform search engine which compares and combines all different modes of ground and air transport to find the quickest, most efficient and cheapest options. In a search between Liverpool and Edinburgh, for instance, taking the train to Manchester and flying from there is the not most intuitive solution but GoEuro shows us that it’s actually cheaper and faster than taking a connecting flight.

Launched in May of this year, GoEuro has secured partnerships with major transport providers all over the continent which makes it pretty obvious how desperate the industry is for the innovative service they offer. Currently optimized in Germany and the UK, you can already search connections between destinations across the globe. It may not be your run of the mill travel agency, but GoEuro seems poised to fill the gap left by their virtual extinction.

Author Bio: Madeline Sinclair is on the marketing team at GoEuro, a new travel platform which compares and combines air, rail and coach travel throughout Europe. She has been living in Germany for two years and is excited to help simplify the crazy and confusing internet travel industry. She is really looking forward to exploring the Hungarian countryside next.


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  1. Keith

    Awesome concept – I am absolutely frazzled each time I try make sense of some of these travel booking websites! I look forward to the day GoEuro has expanded beyond the UK + Germany – bookmarked for future reference!

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