Naughty film in the bedroom

By | Monday, Jan 30, 2006

Oh my, such a naughty net pet he is, our dear Basil!

He was drunk last night and wobbled around in the ceiling in our bedroom, seemed all dizzy. A real party animal he is. He always want to be where we are, so he sleeps in our bedroom too.

Today he has kept him self in the darkness in the wardrobe , so probably he has a hang-over and can’t stand the lights.

We’re just waiting for him to introduce us to a girlfriend – but this I say: They will not be allowed to sleep in our bedroom then…

We strongly suspect that he maybe is sneak filming in our bedroom too, so we’re not going to let him have a cellphone with built in camera, just to be on the safe side!

Oooops, I do hope that he isn’t going to put out the naughty film on the net….

Basil whispering: Click here to see the naughty film

Author: Lifecruiser

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2 thoughts on “Naughty film in the bedroom

  1. Miss ass

    You better watch out!! Maybe Basil goes on line during night to find a girl on the internet!!! You know the risks with that!!!!

  2. Lifecruiser Post author

    Yes, it was there Mr Lifecruiser found me – and see how difficult his life is now! *lol*

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