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For anyone who is a serious sports fan, the opportunity to own your own team, pick the players you want and believe in, to run it how you think would be the best way is an awesome thing. Fantasy sport is that opportunity for sports fans. With fantasy leagues participants create teams that compete against other fantasy teams based on the statistics produced by actual athletes on the real professional sports teams.

This is a great way for friends and fans to have fun, and in some cases even win money. Money you can use for either other games – or to do other enjoyable things you’re interested in. For me that would be golf travel, since golf has been a part of my heart for more than 20 years, but when that’s not possible, a fantasy sport is the perfect replacement, especially in the snowy winters.

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The Evolution of Fantasy Sports

Since Wilfred Winkenbach began a fantasy golf contest in the late 1950s, people have been having fun with fantasy sport league competition in just about all major genres of sports. In 1960 a Harvard University sociologist began what was called the “Baseball Seminar” which allowed colleagues to form rosters that earned points on the players’ final scores.

Around the same time the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League started up with 8 teams. But the two big game changers were the development of Rotisserie League Baseball in 1980, and the internet which has allowed for widespread communication and connection of fantasy sports participants. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, by 2010 it was projected that 32 million individuals throughout Canada and the US played in fantasy sports.

Different Leagues

There are a number of fantasy sports leagues available, but a few popular ones include:

  • Fantasy baseball-draft fantasy players, determine the lineup, and make the GM decisions.
  • Fantasy cricket- find a site like ESPN, pick an 11 man team, and the points are scored on bowling, batting, and fielding.
  • Fantasy football-(American) join a league, draft players and build a team, your team competes every week and is scored on actual game plays.
  • Fantasy hockey- find sites like Yahoo to connect with an battle head to head or join a rotisserie.
  • Fantasy surfer- build a team of up to 8 surfers who will acquire the highest points in each contest to win the World Tour season.

So if you like sports you can grab a ball or puck and head outdoors, call Golfzing to arrange a tee-time (that would of course be my first choice), get your Formula 1 car out, or simply join a fantasy league.

What would be your choice…?

Other Ways to Have Fun with Fantasy Sports

You can participate in a free league, but there are also hundreds of leagues to join where you can bet, be in contests, and use your team to win money. One option is something low key like CBS Sports where you can register for gold, platinum, diamond, or double diamond packages and as a result win up to $2,000. Or you can go big with events like Vegas’ National Fantasy Football Championship Diamond League which costs $10,000 to register with and has an ultimate prize of $80,000.

Fantasy sports can be a great way to enjoy the sports you love. It can allow you to get into the action without having to be a professional athlete, or have millions of dollars to own a team, but you also learn a lot about the sport of your choice.

For me it’s a way to keep my “golf-mind” going through a long winter or other period without golfing, because the mind needs taking care of as much as the muscle memory, to keep my golf handicap in the right status.

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