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By | Thursday, Apr 26, 2007

So finally I got the time to install some new WordPress Plugins that I talked about ages ago! I started with the Comments, since I want you to ♥ love to Comment here :-)

1) Brians threaded comments which gives YOU the option of replying to somebody elses comment on my blog!

This also means that my reply on your comments will be more properly done with timestamps and not within your comment as earlier. Though I must mention that I don’t have the same amount of time to answer ALL of your comments as earlier…

Just click on the “Reply to this Ship ahoy”-link in the right corner of the comment and fill out the commment box in the end as usual.

I’m looking forward to se your conversations! Have fun :-)

2) The Email Responder. I got the tip about it from Tricia. Now when I answer one of your comments, I also can decide to email you the answer too. Very nice option!

(It does not quite work together with the threaded comments plugin, so if I decide to make a email responded comment, that comment is not threaded, but I can live with that :-)

3) Now you can Subscribe to Comments if you want to keep track of a special posts comments. Could be very useful when we’re having “hot” cruises!

Just Tick the little box “Subscribe to ahip ahoys via Email” between the http-line and the textbox where you write your comment. You’re even allowed to manage your subscription too (requires cookies).

Let me know if you bonce into any problem with them!

Enjoy :-)

Captain Lifecruiser

Lifecruiser lifering

Last port: Tuesday+Wednesday – A peaceful Savannah, US. Debbie is guiding us :-)

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13 thoughts on “Comment Features Creatures

  1. Melli

    Oh you are jussssssssst the comment Queen! LOL! I just want to be able to respond to my commentors — but apparently this is NOT an option with Blogger! And I am NOT changing blogs again! LOL! I do love that you are able to do that though!

  2. Sword Girl

    I’ve been trying to find the plug-in for automatic linking, so I don’t have to manually type in peoples urls, esp. for Thursday Thirteen. Do you know the name of that plug-in?

    1. Lifecruiser Post author

      The name of the recommended (by Thursday Thirteen and me) plugin is CA-Credits, but the plugin download page seem to have some problems for the moment. It’s the one I use here, that totally automatically creates the “Cruise list” in the end of every post. Let me know if you want this plugin and I’ll help you further.

      The other one that people with Bloggers uses is called Mr Linky, but I don’t recommend that one since they said it don’t gives credit to the links (no follow for search engines) and it is not automatic for the visitors as CA-Credits is. (At least it wasn’t the last time I checked). It’s also known to be used by spammers or people not participating in the actual meme.

      Let me know if you need any help :-)

  3. Gattina

    You are too advanced for an old girl like me just involved and very new in internet and blogging ! Not even a year ago ! I am still in fight with my Technorati to put that in order apparently it is a mess ! At the beginning I subscribed to everything and I didn’t even know for what it was ! Now sometimes I discover something new but understandable for me and I am already member ! But plug ins ! I have seen this word many times but I have no idea what it is ! Have to look it up in Wikipedia. I never come back to a blog when I have commented and now realize that a few people comment on the comments of their own blogs. (that’s a lot of comment) I always go to the blogs and comment there, so all this seems a little chinese to me !

    1. Lifecruiser Post author

      Plugins are for WordPress blogs, code nippets that adds on more functionality of different kind.

      And there are hundreds of them to choose between!

      When it comes to the comment habits, everybody has it’s own ways – and that’s the way it should be.

      Freedom to choose :-)

  4. Sanni

    Aaaaaah, okay! Looks fine to me – sometimes I hate myself for choosing blogger although I have a wordpress-account, too. I´d love to play with those nice features =)

    Where´s Mr. Green???



    1. Lifecruiser Post author

      Well, the emoticons and Mr Green where there for you to choose to use in your comments, but it never were shown in the comments and I had such problems to figure out why – still haven’t, so I decided that it was better to take them away for the moment.

      I’ll probably try again later to implement others, but I fear that it won’t work. It’s something with my installation-configuration that obviously is different from the ones that get it to work :-(

      I’ll not give up, I just need time….

  5. Court

    The threaded comments plugin is a very nice touch and encourages discussion. Wise choice there!

  6. Cade

    I really enjoy your layout and the text comments asociated with your sailor theme. I enjoy plugins a great deal also. They allow for so many benefits with your site that you can easily apply to help improve the quality and marketing. Great site.

  7. Tricia

    Thanks for the mention Mrs. Lifecruiser. Isn’t the comment email responder great? I’ve been trying to use it a lot lately. I think you’ve been the recipient of a few too.

    I’ve also been looking (not that hard) for a subscribe to comments plugin … that’s great. I’m going to check that one out too. Thanks!

  8. Debbie

    oh I want to try the first one if I get time to install a plugin! Not that I get that many visitors like you do!

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