Combining Golf With Travel

By | Saturday, Aug 17, 2013

My passion for golf has never left me, I’ve been golfing since 1985 and will probably never drop it completely, but our travel bug has come in between, making it more difficult for me to go golfing. I now have decided to try to combine golf with travel for a while ahead instead. I’ll explain it further….

Lifecruiser at Swedish Golf course

As most I’ve done 240 golf rounds in one Swedish golf season which means two golf rounds (36 holes or more) per day! I have had a golf handicap of 3,2 as the lowest, but that was before I married my lovely wife and we decided to do a lot of travel. After that my golf interest was not my number one interest any more…

Recently I raised my golf Hcp to 6,3 which I need to practise a lot more than I do, to be able to keep. Though that is not so easy living where the golf season only is from May to Mid October as the most. It could be a lot of rain though from Mid September cutting the season even shorter. I have actually even played golf in snow, but as you can imagine: finding the white golf ball can be tough in the white snow!

I should mention though that it’s not my wife’s fault that I have not done so much golfing. She even booked a stay at the edge of a golf course when we were in Scotland, just to make sure that I would play golf at least one time while being there. You can’t be a golfer and travel to Scotland without playing any golf!

She is really supporting my golf interest, often going caddy for me and also giving me private lessons for a Golf Pro for my birthday one year. She absorbed every word the Pro said and started to remind me every time I had forgot what the Pro said, correcting me. I must admit, that it was a great help for me…

There has not been so many golf related trips done for me yet. We did plan to stay at a Golf Resort in the west coast of Malaysia in 2005, but there was a Tsunami plus us both getting Pneumonia right before the trip destroying the mood for it, so we had to cancel our booking unfortunately.

Several years ago when we were in Spain, I did visit a golf course outside Sanlucar de Barrameda in Andalusia, but I didn’t go out on the golf course, only checking it out for later and did hit some balls at the range. But that later never came for some reason…

Another all golf focused trip we did in 2011, was to a Swedish golf course, located in the South of Sweden: Hooks Mansion Golf Course, but that was a much shorter golf trip and not so challenging golf course even though it was really nice.

My New Golf Travel Plans

I plan to change that from now on. I have started a research for good golf courses to play at and/or golf resorts to stay at, so if you have any tips, let me know! If the place is a combined Golf resort and Spa, the better since my wife sure will appreciate the Spa…

We are also planning to be in Spain next winter, probably January-April (maybe May too) which will give me more opportunities to play golf. Then I need to take at least some of my own golf clubs with me to get the best results, plus I play from the left and there is not always any good left clubs to hire.

To inspire and ignate my golf passion again, I upgraded some of my golf equipment and I will continue to do so from time to time. I just want to take it in steps to really appreciate my new golf stuff. If you buy it all new at one time, you soon get used to it instead of experiencing something new all the time, right?

If you follow us, you know that I recently did win a new golf putter – that is for sure an encouraging way of getting new golf clubs!

That was in a monthly golf range competition where the final will be in the autumn – 1st prize a golf holiday in Spain – which I of course will try to win… A month stay at a Spanish golf resort will boost both my golf interest for sure, but overall my golf skills so that I will be able to keep my low golf handicap.

Right now everything goes rather well, except from the putting and chipping, which actually were my strong side earlier when I had a better handicap. Suddenly it has switched to the opposite, but I’m confident: I only need practise mor to get it going again.

New TaylorMade ATV Lobb Wedge 60 grades club

TaylorMade ATV Lobb Wedge Golf Club

The ATV-sole is sharp in the way of giving different bounce depending on how you address it. The clubface has precision grooves in a pattern that gives a higher spin and better control. I had real problems with my old Lobb Wedge, so deciding to buy a new one was a wise move. I’m very pleased with the new one.

New golf trolley Axglo Flip n’go

Golf Trolley Axglo Flip'n Go

One of my main reasons for choosing this golf trolley is that it’s one of the smallest trolleys when it’s folded, but it’s also very easy to fold with only two levers mechanism to handle. Only L:62cm, W:43cm and H:28cm and not so heavy, but it’s four wheels makes it very stabile. It’s also impossible to get punctured tires!

It’s airplane aluminium in the trolley construction making it promising sustainable, has a handbrake instead of footbrake and practical places to keep balls, pegs and other accessories.

So what am I waiting for? Kicking myself out to the golf course…

I’m actually participating in another golf competition this Sunday, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Though in this one it’s no golf holiday prize involved unfortunately…

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