Changing my main travel cam to Samsung Galaxy S4

By | Monday, Aug 26, 2013

When out traveling it’s essential to have a good camera, but also that it’s smooth to carry on at every occasion. That’s why most of us travelers pack two type of cameras with us. The first one a digital SLR and the second more compact, easier to handle and carry for the evenings out. Now I’m changing to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4 package

The reason for my switch is that I’ve noticed that the last trips we have done (and at home too) I tend to be lazier and mostly shoot travel pictures with my mobile. Especially the local food pictures. I always have the mobile with me and since it has a good camera nowadays and I don’t need really high quality pictures for prints or anything like that, the mobile pictures is just perfect.

So I made the decision of making a switch from my beloved iPhone 4S to Samsung Galaxy S4, which has 13 megapixel and the possibility to store photos on a 64MB card and not the iPhone 5 (sorry Apple but you need to step up with more new design and features in your new phones).

I did choose between the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with a more proper camera lens, but decided against it since it get thicker to carry on and I really need the bigger screen the normal S4 got. I prefer thin and bigger – and sharper: the 1080p screen also has about 35 percent more pixels than iPhone 5.

I can see that the photos is a bit sharper with the Galaxy and it seem to handle light better even though it’s not so good at handle dark shots, but I can fix that with photo editing software. It also features burst mode, dual camera recording and the choice of adding sound to the photo.

Another thing I really like with the Galaxy S4 is that the battery life is longer AND I can easily switch to an extra, charged battery if I need to. That could be really necessary out traveling on the road!

Earlier we thought that except from our Canon EOS 600D, we needed a smaller but great camera and got a Canon Powershot G1X for when not wanting to take the 600D with us – or when we were photographing both of us at the same time. Now we decided to sell that one since we hardly ever use it any more.

Canon Powershot G1X with accessories

Selling it will give me back some of the money spent on the new Galaxy S4, luckily Canon is rather popular and this model is not so old yet to drop the price completely.

I haven’t got around taking much photos with the Galaxy S4 yet, after all: I just got the phone, but so far it’s looking really promising. (The above photos is taken with the iPhone 4S and in bad light).

The only thing that is really bothering me is the flip cover I bought to it, I just can’t get used to it yet. Next thing to buy might be a normal cover…

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