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Top 5 Volunteer Programs this Summer 2014

Another year is just starting and it’s the time of the year when many interested volunteers are planning on what to do and where to go this coming summer. It is really good to plan as early as January if you like to be really prepared for your summer volunteer experience. If you are not yet sure on what program to choose, we would like to recommend five of the… Read More »

Preparations before going away for 6 months

Lately there have not been much time for writing travel articles over here. All our time has gone to preparations before we are going away for about 6 months. There are so many things to take care of before departure which is in the end of November already. Everything from getting fancy clothes for our first fancy hotel month, to book a rental villa for the rest of the time… Read More »

The best way to book golf trips to European golf destinations

The best way to book golf trips to European golf destinations variates a bit depending on from which country you departure from, but here you can find useful information of different alternatives gathered in these golf trips tips which can come in handy in any golf trip planning. It will for sure give you ideas to adapt for your own golf travel planning. © Igor Mojzes – Do extensive… Read More »

12 Crucial Golf Travel Tips

Crucial golf travel tips was not easy to find when I did a search, so I decided to put together my own golf travel tips or advices to help others failing with the search. Mostly based on my own golf experiences from both short and long road trips, but also combined with other golf travel related experiences. My first essential advice is to find a golf resort that not only… Read More »

A Compact Guide For Long Road Trips In Europe

A compact guide for long road trips in Europe can make your road trip become a happy success instead of a depressing failure. As frequent travelers we gathered a lot of insider tips for both planning a road trip and what’s wise moves when already out on a trip. Most of our advices in this post comes from own experiences or thoughts when seeing others out on the road. We’re… Read More »