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Current Currency: The Cheapest Places to Chase the Sun

In the rare moments when we catch a bit sun during the British summer (or other months) it can seem almost miraculous. And it disappears all too quickly. And even when we get a good run, it doesn’t feel long enough. After all, what is two, three, four weeks of sun, compared with months of cloud? Some people don’t give in to the gloom that bleaker weather brings though. Instead… Read More »

New Travel Tools: GoEuro

Travel was one of the first industries to take over the internet, flooding our searches with discount vacations and last minute flight deals from brand new sites viciously competing to take over the travel world. In little over a decade, the wild savings pushed by these new travel websites effectively put the run of the mill travel agency out of business. Since then, not too much has changed which has… Read More »

Changing my main travel cam to Samsung Galaxy S4

When out traveling it’s essential to have a good camera, but also that it’s smooth to carry on at every occasion. That’s why most of us travelers pack two type of cameras with us. The first one a digital SLR and the second more compact, easier to handle and carry for the evenings out. Now I’m changing to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile camera. The reason for my switch is… Read More »

Your Best Flights and Hotel Options for Vacation in Europe

Today, we will look at the top flight and hotel options in Europe. Europe is known as the land of natural beauties. This is an area of the world, where native cultures, modern practices and untouched nature all exist in harmony. Here tourists can find beautiful green pastures, mountains filled with snow and beautiful beaches. Tourists will also be able to see and feel the history of the continent. There… Read More »

New travel video search engine helps when planning a trip

The founders of (7 million users/month local info & travel platform), also launched a very promising and useful travel videos site: Despite it being so new it has already got an impressive number of visits: over 2 million unique visitors! I usually get contacted rather often with promoting emails of all kind of services, sites or apps. Not every one makes it through to my writing, but Pablo… Read More »

Using the Big Mac Index to Navigate Currency Exchange

As you travel internationally it can be difficult to know how far your money will really go. Even if you’ve checked the exchange rate before traveling, you may not know how much you can actually get for 5 pounds, euros, or krones—that’s because some currencies are under or overvalued, making goods either more or less expensive than they would be in the U.S. To help mitigate this problem, The Economist… Read More »