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New Travel Tools: GoEuro

Travel was one of the first industries to take over the internet, flooding our searches with discount vacations and last minute flight deals from brand new sites viciously competing to take over the travel world. In little over a decade, the wild savings pushed by these new travel websites effectively put the run of the mill travel agency out of business. Since then, not too much has changed which has… Read More »

New travel video search engine helps when planning a trip

The founders of (7 million users/month local info & travel platform), also launched a very promising and useful travel videos site: Despite it being so new it has already got an impressive number of visits: over 2 million unique visitors! I usually get contacted rather often with promoting emails of all kind of services, sites or apps. Not every one makes it through to my writing, but Pablo… Read More »

Want To Be Eco-Friendly, Hop On A Jet

When most consumers think about eco-freindly vehicles their first thought is the Toyota Prius and when they think of true gas guzzling machines they think about planes. What if I was to tell you that a Boeing Jet is more fuel efficient than a Prius. Take a look at the below infographic from and see for yourself. Lifecruiser Love Flights  

Swedish Travel Magazine Cover

A Swedish travel magazine cover from a recent number of "Allt Om Resor", published by one of the bigger Swedish evening newspapers, Aftonbladet, once a month approx. It’s a bit cheaper than the regular travel magazines, but quite good for the price of €7,25 actually. This number was about: London, New York, Mediterranean, Crete, Majorca, Italy, Turkey, France and Greece – all very popular travel destinations among Swedes. ©Lifecruiser Love… Read More »

I Want Naked Airplanes!

Ever thought of naked airplanes? I have. I’ve wished for naked airplanes for many years now. What I mean by naked is: stripped without color and just plain metal. Now British Airways have a new paint called Triple O, which as least is stripping the costs and impact on the environment. British Airways has tested this new environment-friendly paint for a year now on an airplane with a flight route… Read More »

Sweden is burning hot despite the freezing cold!

Sweden has become a burning hot travel destination, despite the cold climate the bigger part of the year. (Or perhaps it’s just the cold climate that draws a bit part of the tourists here?) Here is some reasons why… The amount of foreign travelers at Sweden’s airports has increased tremendously during just the last couple of years and now even more is expected during 2012. Sweden may be a small… Read More »