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Changing my main travel cam to Samsung Galaxy S4

When out traveling it’s essential to have a good camera, but also that it’s smooth to carry on at every occasion. That’s why most of us travelers pack two type of cameras with us. The first one a digital SLR and the second more compact, easier to handle and carry for the evenings out. Now I’m changing to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile camera. The reason for my switch is… Read More »

How To Choose a Credit Card for International Travel

International travel is amazing, rewarding, intellectual, and ahem expensive. Don’t add to what you’re already spending by traveling with the wrong credit cards. As it turns out, you need to have the right plastic for foreign travel. Even though the credit cards you own will be accepted in foreign lands, they’re likely going to cost you more than you want to spend. Foreign Transaction Fees The small print is where… Read More »

Exploration Adventures on a Motorcycle

Taking your motorcycle out for a drive through some of the beautiful landscapes across the country is an experience not easily forgotten or ignored, but before you head out, you should make sure that you’re prepared. When you’re headed for a scenic drive, it’s important to have adventure motorcycle accessories with you to really make your experience worthwhile. Having these with you will definitely improve the time you’re having and… Read More »

Perfect Wallpaper For Travelers

The last year I seem to stumble upon so many travel related home interior details or products, so now I’ve really begun to look for them. Here you can see what might be the perfect wallpaper for travelers, or what do you say? At least it’s quite colorful and might give you lots of travel ideas and temptations since it’s quite full of travel related details…. I guess it will… Read More »

Travel Accessories: Red Vintage Suitcase

Some times when out shopping, you may stumble upon something that is hard to resist to buy: this time it was a very retro cool vintage travel suitcase in a second hand shop in Stockholm City. Oh, it was so tough to resist! Only 275 SEK… Though I was convinced by hubby that we have very new suitcases, plus our old ones, so we really don’t need another one. Besides… Read More »

Europe Trip Preparations: Video Camera GoPro Hero 2

Our trip preparations before our long Europe road trip of approximately 750 km this summer continues. Now we got a new video camera, an action video camera actually: a GoPro Hero 2 Outdoor Edition. Small, effective, practical and very outdoorsy. Photo taken with my iPhone, not very good but you get the picture – how small it is (2.4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches ), when you look at that… Read More »