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Hidden Gem of Portugal – Fatima

About Fatima Fatima is a charming and small town situated in Portugal, approximately 140 km North from Lisbon. It’s world famous for its Fatima’s Sanctuary which is annually visited by millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for a quiet and idyllic place where you can find inner peace, meditate and get closer to the God, add Fatima to your travel bucket list… Read More »

Travel Photo: Unbelievable Hotel Sign

We found an unbelievable Hotel sign last time we were in Spain and I think it’s an advertising sign for a nearby hotel, but it’s placed so totally wrong – it might not be so very good marketing for the hotel if you don’t understand the humor in it – it’s simply hilarious – don’t you agree…? (And no, it’s not our hotel we’re going to stay at!) A three… Read More »

Packing List For Your Trip to the Tropics

When it comes to packing for an island getaway, bringing protection from the sun and heat is key. But you also should be prepared for the unexpected. A Caribbean vacation can be a fun and relaxing experience—especially if you make sure to pack wisely for your trip, bringing along key (but easily forgettable) items, in your carry on and checked luggage. © luminastock – Some things can be stored… Read More »

Six Reasons to Visit Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

Dorset has some of the most astounding natural beauty on offer in the United Kingdom. The attractions and surroundings have so much for every visitor to the county and provide an experience not to be forgotten. Here we pick our six favourite reasons to visit this picturesque region of England. Old Harry Rocks © Gail Johnson – The Scenery When you arrive in Dorset you are immediately confronted by… Read More »

Your Best Flights and Hotel Options for Vacation in Europe

Today, we will look at the top flight and hotel options in Europe. Europe is known as the land of natural beauties. This is an area of the world, where native cultures, modern practices and untouched nature all exist in harmony. Here tourists can find beautiful green pastures, mountains filled with snow and beautiful beaches. Tourists will also be able to see and feel the history of the continent. There… Read More »

B&B Hotel Boat St Katharine in Barcelona

Barcelona, July 2012 We were looking a little bit proud around us, yes we made it!! After 12 days almost non-stop sailing, passing France, Portugal, Gibraltar and the south-east coast of Spain, we arrived finally at our destination …. Barcelona! The Netherlands 2006 In 2006 we bought our 80 ft. boat in Wicklow, a small village south of Dublin. The boat is a former Fleet Tender (supplier) from the Royal… Read More »