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Top 7 International Cities

I’ve done a lot of traveling, and have been on every continent except Antarctica (I’ll get there, someday). I put together this list of my favorite international cities to help other travelers who might be wondering where to go next. 1. Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is truly a city of the future. The buildings look like a scene out of Minority Report or The Fifth Element; huge, glittering structures that curve… Read More »

Current Currency: The Cheapest Places to Chase the Sun

In the rare moments when we catch a bit sun during the British summer (or other months) it can seem almost miraculous. And it disappears all too quickly. And even when we get a good run, it doesn’t feel long enough. After all, what is two, three, four weeks of sun, compared with months of cloud? Some people don’t give in to the gloom that bleaker weather brings though. Instead… Read More »

Food-loving holidays

Cooking and food is a national obsession if the number of cookery shows on TV is anything to go by. For the resolute foodie, there is nothing nicer than going on a holiday that will really come up trumps when it comes to some amazing food treats and there are lots of different ones to choose from, depending on how adventurous you are and whether you like to taste, sip,… Read More »

Travelling In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is on its way to becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. The county’s capital Addis Ababa, once known as Abyssinia, is a modern city typified by low-rise accommodation blocks and busy, traffic-jammed main streets. Founded at the late 19th century, Addis Ababa is built high up in the Semien Mountains and is, after La Paz and Quito, the third highest capital city in the world. Thanks… Read More »

Top Festivals to Visit in 2014

How do you decide where to travel? What do you factor in? You travel primarily because you can and secondly, to experience the sights and sounds of the place. What is the best way to gain perspective into a country’s culture? Festivals, that’s how! Make 2014 the year of festivity as we help you decide the top 5 festivals to be a part of this year. And no, Oktoberfest doesn’t… Read More »

7 US Travel Destinations to Visit in 2014

If you’re looking for some new places to travel in 2014, try one of these seven locations. Unlike other “big name” travel destinations, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids, these gems are often overlooked. However, they are all beautiful travel destinations, are all located in the United States, and can all be reached within the span of a calendar year. 1. Mount Shasta Mount Shasta is located near… Read More »