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Winter Wandering: European Destinations on a Budget

Winter can be bleak. With several months of dark days and cold nights, the season of sub-zero temperatures is also the best time of year to get out of town. The good news is that there are a range of cheap flights online offering services all over Europe so you can trade the grey days at home for the twinkling city lights and cosy cafes that make for the perfect… Read More »

The best way to book golf trips to European golf destinations

The best way to book golf trips to European golf destinations variates a bit depending on from which country you departure from, but here you can find useful information of different alternatives gathered in these golf trips tips which can come in handy in any golf trip planning. It will for sure give you ideas to adapt for your own golf travel planning. © Igor Mojzes – Do extensive… Read More »

Best flight route from US to Nordic countries

Finding the best flight route between United States and Sweden or the Nordic countries can take some time to find. There are a lot of different options, which might make the decision a bit more difficult and even complicated. I’ll make some things more clear on the subject, by gathering some possible options. © Kesu – There are direct flights from United States of America operated by SAS (… Read More »

Your Best Flights and Hotel Options for Vacation in Europe

Today, we will look at the top flight and hotel options in Europe. Europe is known as the land of natural beauties. This is an area of the world, where native cultures, modern practices and untouched nature all exist in harmony. Here tourists can find beautiful green pastures, mountains filled with snow and beautiful beaches. Tourists will also be able to see and feel the history of the continent. There… Read More »

Airplane Etiquette: The Landing Clap

Landing in São Paulo recently, I was stunned by the intensity of the applause that rumbled through the plane’s cabin upon touching down at Guarulhos International Airport. It’s a curious thing, that seemingly spontaneous ovation that often accompanies an aircraft’s safe return to terra firma. I call it the Landing Clap, a common yet enigmatic phenomenon of modern air travel. The Landing Clap doesn’t follow every touchdown. In fact, with… Read More »

5 Tips for a Good Vacation Time

Summer is here, which means it’s time for epic actions and epic memories. We think of summer as a bottomless well, but the reality is there are only so many summer months you will truly get to revel in over the course of your lifetime. So why not make them count? Here are some useful tips towards enjoying yourself and leaving all your worries where they belong, on the street… Read More »