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New Travel Tools: GoEuro

Travel was one of the first industries to take over the internet, flooding our searches with discount vacations and last minute flight deals from brand new sites viciously competing to take over the travel world. In little over a decade, the wild savings pushed by these new travel websites effectively put the run of the mill travel agency out of business. Since then, not too much has changed which has… Read More »

Travel Inspiration: The Man From Jupiter

There are a lot of places where you can get new travel inspiration from and I have got it from the TV twice now. This time it is from a Swedish documentary called The Man From Jupiter. It’s about a Swedish man who lived without any friends or family for 45 years in a small apartment outside Stockholm. Only the building of a 7 meter long model cruise liner in… Read More »

Cool but(t) freezing experience: drink twice in nice icebar

We went to the worlds very first permanent icebar: Icebar by Icehotel in Stockholm. The absolut coolest experience, especially to experience -5C cold degrees in the summertime. A bar built up from ice blocks where even the glasses you are drinking from are made of ice and you need winter gloves to hold your glass! The worlds first permanent Icebar was built in Stockholm 2002, as well as the worlds… Read More »

Travel Paintings: London Text & Party Dress

In my serie of travel related paintings, I will now show you a travel related painting with the text London together with a party dress with the Big Ben in the background. Not really sure what the connection is here, but still it’s a nice motif, especially for a traveler or for a London fan. Right now there really are so many travel related interior decors that it’s difficult to… Read More »

Travel Photo: Spanish Genious Stone Path

I love that I get to see so much creative and different when out traveling, just as this fantastic maritime stone path found in Alicante, Spain. The pattern really fools your eyes. We have seen a lot of this kind of creative stone layings in Spain. The Spaniards really are very creative, whether it comes to stone layings, architecture, clothes – design of any kind, don’t you think…? It’s a… Read More »